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Can You Wear a Maxi Dress to Work?

Most fashion-conscious females will appreciate the many virtues of the maxi dress, but when it comes to wearing one for work, is this acceptable?

Maxi dress

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A maxi dress is a long, flowing style of dress that usually skims the top of the ankles. It can be found in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles, and is suitable for females of every size and shape.

Wearing a maxi dress to work requires a few considerations, especially if you want to pull the look off to stylish perfection, without appearing as if you’ve stepped out in your nightie.

Color choices

Be mindful of color choices when wearing a maxi dress to work, especially if your workplace adopts a fairly formal clothing policy. Ideally, choose dark, single colors that ooze elegance and sophistication, rather than overbearing bright, patterns that may be too casual for office attire. You don’t need to stick to black, however, although darker colors certainly work better if you want to create a slimming effect. A purple maxi dress can look very stylish in a work setting, for instance, so if you’reĀ looking for a purple maxi dress visit AX Paris.

Dress choose

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Since maxi dresses flow down to your ankles, your choice of footwear is imperative when wearing this attire to work. According to HowStuffWorks to balance out the length of the maxi dress, consider espadrilles, wedges or platforms, which add height and length to your body. Big heels and maxi dresses don’t really combine well, and they may be a trip hazard.


It’s not just the hemline that you need to consider when wearing a maxi dress, but spend time getting the neckline right, too. For office attire, the right kind of maxi dress shouldn’t have too low a neckline, and off-the-shoulder might not be appropriate for this setting, although you can always sling a well-fitted jacket over the dress to cover your shoulders up. If you’re looking to lengthen your body, opt for a maxi dress with a V-neck. Alternatively, to make your shoulders look slimmer, choose a halter-top maxi dress.


It’s always useful to add accessories to an outfit, to enhance your individual style. But, when it comes to maxi dresses, keep accessories to the bare minimum. Unobtrusive jewelry or a belt should give you enough personal pizzazz without overshadowing the dress.